We thought we would provide a Frequently Asked Questions area of the site to try and answer some of the bigger questions we receive…..

Are these images 100% free? What’s the catch?

Yes, they are 100% free. We just ask that you don’t redistribute them as your own in any way. What you can do is freely download them, use them in paid work, projects, school projects and more.  Use them in your 3d work, scenes, or also as Photoshop backgrounds. We do have some advertising on the site, which you are in no way obligated to check out.

Do I need to sign in to download these free 3d textures?

At this time, no. We will see how things go and if abuse happens on this site which could hammer the server. At this point and time, we just allow you to download and go. :0)

What format are these images in? 

These images are in .png format, which is a nice lossless format. We won’t be offering these images in any other format at this time.


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